The Course


Mission Statement, or how we fit into the Great Commission.


We have a rich history of sending out; however we are not yet satisfied with our outreach to the nations. We will continue to equip and lead our members to reach out to each other and the community outside of our walls, by doing so we become equipped to reach out to our nation and across cultural lines wherever God may call us.


Our short term mission strategy is to realize that often short term missions benefits our members by exposing them to those around us who have needs greater than our own. We believe that this will cultivate a desire to become and stay involved in reaching out and to increase our desire to pursue all that God has for us as individuals so we have something real and lasting to give.


Our long term mission's strategy is to be aware of those members who have a desire for more than short term missions and who have been successful at outreach to the body, community and beyond. We will go out of our way to lead these members in their search for what God may want from them and to breathe life into them through encouragement, education and the prophetic.


Faouzi and Linda Arzouni

Mali, Africa 


Mike and Lynne Chandler

Croatia, Europe 


Tracy Evans

Mozambique, Africa 


Brent and Rosemarie Hanson

Kenya, Africa

Ron and Gloria Hanson

Tanzania, Africa


Scott and Karen Hanson

Tanzania, Africa


Leo and Sandra Lopez

Baja California, Mexico 

P.O. Box 360

Potrero, CA 91963


Rancho de Sus Ninos Orphanage

P.O. Box 360

Potrero, CA 91963