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Mountain Chapel’s History

1950 - 2010:

A Brief History of Mountain Chapel


Pastor Ray Oliver began the very first meetings of our church in Aug 9th 1950.  We were first established as a home missions church in 1963 under pastor Harvey. We purchased property and a building on Highway 299. Pastor Faouzi Arzouni came in 1973 and served through 1977 when Roger Fike came to serve for 2 years.

Pastor Bill & Beni Johnson came in 1979. We grew out of that building in the early 80's and sold it to

buy the church property we now call our church home, 60 Oakridge Rd.  It was many years until we could afford to build the church building we are now in.  During that time we met in the community theater on Main St. We had many wonderful years there and the church grew.

Bill handed the Church over to Pastor Danny & Sherry Silk. We broke ground on our current building in 1999. Pastor Steve & Wendy Backlund came in 2001 just months before the move into the new building. Pastor Cameron & Shannon Ross replaced Steve in June of 2008 and is the current pastor at Mountain Chapel. As you can see we have had an amazing history, the blessing that rests on this congregation has been cultivated for over 60 years. We walk in an amazing inheritance and are always looking forward to our future.

Mountain Chapel’s 60th Anniversary


Mountain Chapel's 60th Anniversary Celebration was held on December 10th, 2010 in the Mountain Chapel sanctuary. One of the speakers was Pastor Bill Johnson, a Mountain Chapel pastor alumni (1979 to 1996), who is currently a senior leader at Bethel, Redding.