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We believe freedom is God's greatest gift.  Freedom from sin, from shame, and from fear, but we have learned that being free from something is only half the gift; we must also be free for something.  Freedom to love, to live, even to worship.  We value the freedom God has given us above all else.

The Course Of Weaverville

Did you know you're bigger than you think? Set anywhere from 8 to 38 feet above ground, our challenge course invites you and your team beyond the ordinary so you can uncover hidden strengths and new mindsets. You'll get to find out who you really are!

In our crisp mountain air, you’ll watch blinders come off and see just how puny your fears are. And since no group is the same, we have custom tailored programs for each group’s needs. Whether you're a school group, church group or office team, get ready to overcome the impossible.

Your Breakthrough At The Course Of Weaverville

New CD Project! + 100 CD's Given Away!

Hello fantastical people! We wanted to let you know that we've done it! We have given away 100 copies to the children! We're awestruck at the accomplishment and excited for our next project! Our next project is a full length CD this time! Here is a link to IndieGoGo a different crowdfunding website and a video (with new music samples) explaining the new project goals!

Funding in 30 days begins now!


Cheers and Thank You for Your Continued Support!

Fariss & Eva Ryan

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